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Kink On Tap 20: Too Butch for a Bunch of Nuns

Posted: December 15th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 20: Too Butch for a Bunch of Nuns

A gutsy student asks Obama to check out legalizing prostitution, Houston elects an openly gay mayor, Texas almost bans all marriage entirely, you can choose your baby’s gender for the low, low price of $18,000 (we bet it’s considered a pre-existing condition), and—you guessed it—animals are still having lots of gay sex.

We were once again joined this week by Maureen Hanlon, wonderful as always, and for the first time by Kelli Dunham, who’s everyone’s favorite ex-nun, nerdy, stand-up comic. Kelli told us how she fell into (and back out of) love with her religious orders, how nuns describe being butch, and how she helped a fellow Sister find her clitoris—yes, really!

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