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Kink On Tap 23: A Rainbow of Porn

Posted: January 5th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 23: A Rainbow of Porn

Geneticists inch closer to making sex changes without surgery a reality, prolific sex work blogger Alexa DiCarlo is suspected of being a phony, an enterprising dude creates a color-based pornography search engine, and a national health study reveals that 1 in 4 teen girls in the US have an STI. Let’s thank abstinence-only education, shall we?

In our first netcast of 2010, Emma and I are joined by two amazing people we met at previous KinkForAll events. The inimitable Mr. Jack Stratton, erotic fiction connoisseur and author whose analysis of some of my favorite niche genres like yaoi is always worth a listen, tells us about his new smut fiction curation project, New Vicious Circle. Also, eloquent feederism blogger Molly Ren teaches us a little bit about her particular fetish and describes a little about what it’s like to go from feeling total isolation and hopelessness to the embrace of an open-minded community.

Also, we’ve made some improvements to our own link curation process; now you can see and instantly add links to topics for upcoming shows. Over in the sidebar of KinkOnTap.com, you’ll find a new “Community links feed” section which you can push links to in a variety of ways, or subscribe to it yourself to see what others are suggesting. We also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for continuing to donate to our budget for the show over the past week to help cover the unexpected costs from the untimely death of May’s laptop, and we hope you continue to donate whatever you can offer. And finally, a quick shout-out to Gnosisseeker for writing the first review of Kink On Tap on iTunes! Thanks for the wonderful review!

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