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Kink On Tap 30: Anal Sex for God

Posted: March 2nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 30: Anal Sex for God

The Olympic Village runs out of condoms, Utah becomes the first U.S. State to criminalize miscarriage, a Virginia lawmaker calls disabled kids god’s punishment for abortion, and Dan Savage shows that NH Representative Nancy Elliot’s reasoning for banning gay marriage is full of excrement. Also, OkCupid unveils stats that show older women are more likely to want sex at least once per day, while Dove launches a new ad campaign after discovering that 1 in 4 men feel misrepresented by advertisements. They needed a study to figure that out?

This week, pansexual.htm” class=”sspg term” title=”Look up this term.”>pansexual, polyamorous, kinky law student Marty Quinones joined us to talk a bit about his work starting MSex, a male sexuality workshop at Brown University, as well as how and why he came out on his college applications! We talk politics, law, and (of course) sex ed! We’re also thrilled to spread the word that KinkForAll San Francisco has been confirmed for March 21st at the Women’s Building, since we actually met Marty at the most recent KinkForAll unconference, KinkForAll Providence.

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