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Kink On Tap 33: Our Huge Vagina Overlords

Posted: March 27th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 33: Our Huge Vagina Overlords

Japanese fertility festivals have men struggling to lift giant vaginas, anti-choice Colorado crazies may have falsified petitions in attempts to define eggs as people (no, really, eggs as people), a new study shows abusive men vastly overestimate abuse statistics, a guide to selling your undies online wants you to be judging the people you sellin’ ’em to, and a federal court finally reasons that you can’t be both victim and perpetrator of child pornography.

Joined once again this week by the brilliant and enthusiastic (if somewhat under-caffeinated) Sarah Dopp, the creator of Genderfork, we broadcasted on-location from the San Francisco Women’s Building. The show was hot on the heels of the wonderful KinkForAll San Francisco unconference—so hot, in fact that we didn’t even leave the venue! Our discussion ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous to the poignant and difficult, as we reflected on some of the presentations at KinkForAll San Francisco with a few of the unconference participants who stayed to watch the show in person.

Also new this week, the proposal for SexEdEverywhere (“SEE”) that Emma and I submitted to the International Women’s Health Coalition Young Visionaries contest earned enough votes to qualify for the finals! We got more than 730 votes, and we would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted for our IWHC Young Visionaries contest entry as well as those who spread the word about our idea. It’s now solely up to the IWHC judges to determine which of the finalists will win the grant.

Wish us luck, and keep listening to Kink On Tap to learn how you can get involved in the future! And, as an aside, I want to apologize for the delay in getting this episode published. The cause of the delay was a frightening and vicious attack on me personally as well as KinkForAll as an idea. I encourage you to follow my personal blog for updates on this issue.

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