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Kink On Tap 38: An Entirely Different Region of the Body

Posted: April 29th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | 1 Comment »

160,000 women show off their cleavage during “Boobquake” in the name of science, which would only trouble television networks like FOX and ABC if they were plus-size models. Also, the first free, online database of denominational positions on sexuality launches, where you’ll soon be able to see that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America abolished its discriminatory policies against (most) GLBT people. Ironically, now it’s the Gay World Series that faces a lawsuit for discriminating against bisexual men.

Did you hear the one about the Iranian cleric who claimed immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes? SexGenderBody.com founder Arvan Reese did, and he joins us for a second time along with Director of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Megan Andelloux, to talk about—it’s no joke—Boobquake! And then, because apparently one quake isn’t enough, also Brainquake and Femquake. Although amusing, the “*quake” events are actually
a great opportunity to talk about feminists’ varied viewpoints on many issues, including cultural sensitivity (or the lack thereof) and the role of men who advocate for gender justice.

Next week, Emma and I are both recording from Providence because myself, along with this show’s guest Megan Andelloux and others, have been invited as panelists for the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council‘s (SHEEC) latest event at Brown University, “Sex Panic!: When Educators Are Censors.” You can also read more about the Sex Panic! panel on my blog, fellow invited panelist Reid Mihalko’s blog, on SHEEC Chair and friend of the show Aida’s blog, or on the Sex Panic! Facebook event. As usual, please keep sending us links to interesting sexuality-related news you find by emailing, tweeting, or calling us! See you on the flip side!

One Comment on “Kink On Tap 38: An Entirely Different Region of the Body”

  1. 1 sexgenderbody said at 6:43 pm on May 1st, 2010:

    It was so much fun to be on the show with you both, and Megan as well. All three of you are doing amazing things in the realm of sexuality, body and identity politics. Thanks for having me onboard!