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Kink On Tap 48: They Call Themselves Gayglers

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Muslims can buy Halal sex toys online, men might soon have a birth control pill of their own, gays at Google (“Gayglers”) get a tax-break in the form of higher pay, a syndicated parenting columnist worries that social networking is replacing sex, and last but certainly not least, a 6-story Jesus statue gets destroyed by God’s wrath. Take that, false idol!

In this episode, Emma and I were joined by the jovial creator of FetLife.com, John Baku. And no, we didn’t just ask him on the show because we couldn’t get American guests for our July 4th recording! :P John is, first and foremost, a character, an exceedingly kind and generous one. We asked him about his views of the proposed .xxx Internet top-level domain, and whether or not he’d get one for FetLife.com. We also tangled over differences of opinion in Missouri’s new blue-law. All told, I hope next time Emma and I aren’t the only ones enjoying wine on-air!

It should also be noted that John and his team at FetLife used to produce a similar, BDSM-focused podcast called This Week In Kink, which I was once a guest on. Although I had some criticism of the show, it was part of what gave me a kick in the ass to start Kink On Tap again, for which I’m very grateful to John and the rest of the FetLife employees. As usual, please send us your feedback and comments or help us out with an iTunes review. Thanks!

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