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What Happened When I Yelled Back at the “Christians” Calling My Wife a Murderer | Reproductive Justice | AlterNet

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"Consider this my plea: stop terrorizing women. Stop adding trauma to their trauma," Aaron Gouveia, who, along with his wife, was devastated to learn their baby had Sirenomelia ("mermaid syndrome," where the legs are fused together), no bladder, no kidneys, and no chance for survival. But on the worst day of this couples' life—the day they decided to abort the pregnancy—so-called "Christians" professing "love" using "signs and pictures of torn-up fetuses" made their day worse. That's when Aaron decided to confront them:

Running on pure adrenaline, and without even a hint of a plan, I grabbed my cell phone and crossed the street. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it, I just knew I wanted to make public the cowardice of these protesters. The video's [here]—they didn’t disappoint.

"If you're able," Aaron says, "stand up to these bullies in nonviolent ways. Speak out. And if you have a camera, use it."

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Christian Anti-Porn Activists Now Targeting Female "Porn Addicts" | AlterNet

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If you're a woman who watches 1 hour of pornography a week or enjoys such lurid acts as masturbation, lustful thinking or self-gratification, you're a "porn addict," according to several Christian anti-porn activist groups like XXXChurch and Dirty Girls Ministries. "Now women have fallen under fire for their naughty consumption, as Anti-porn activists such as XXXChurchand Dirty Girls Ministries have targeted women for porn addiction," Lorna D. Keach writes. The refocusing on women by anti-porn activists comes at a time when women are more often consumers of porn. "According to Theresa Flynt, vice president of marketing for Hustler video,female consumers make up 56% of video sales."

Their message is similar to the one emerging from other Church groups. "It’s an injustice that the church is not more open about physical sexuality. God created sex. But the enemy has twisted it," Dirty Girl Ministries administrator Crystal Renaud says. I guess that enemy is me since I sure do masturbate!

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Kink On Tap 63: This is Africa!

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The Libyan government seizes a URL shortener branded as sex-positive, an Ontario judge rules anti-prostitution laws are more harmful to prostitutes than the activities the law criminalized, the US Department of Justice appeals the courts to retain Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the sex-positive media venture CarnalNation closes its doors.

After far too long a wait, my good friend Clarisse Thorn finally joined Emma and I this week to discuss pretty much everything from porn to circumcision. Clarisse, who recently returned from a year-long stint in Sub-Saharan African working to help stem the spread of HIV/AIDS, provided a really nuanced look at the controversial topic of male circumcision, what’s wrong with The Anti-Porn Men Project (hint: a lot), and also shared some opinions about why men are so often demonized for being honest about their sexual needs. Also, with CarnalNation’s closure and the vb.ly link shortener seizure, we meander away from sexuality theory into sexuality media and the perils and opportunities of the new media landscape.

And speaking of the new media landscape, I’m really excited to be announcing that as Kink On Tap has grown from a podcast to a much more wide-reaching social media presence, I’m also looking for a few more kinky people into the whole new media thing to help me spread sex-positivity into more parts of the Internet. If you are or want to become a social media ninja, consider taking a look at the Kink On Tap Media Monitor volunteer opportunity we’ve put together. And in the mean time, please spread the good word about Kink On Tap with an iTunes review or an email to a friend. Thanks!

Kink On Tap 58: Craig’s Un-list

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Evil anti-trafficking organizations turn to scapegoating Craigslist for political gain, Google has a not-so-secret censorship list, DADT is unconstitutional (duh), sex workers want to know what police consider prostitution, and US evangelicals partner with Chinese officials for their failing abstinence agenda when they should be taking a page out of the Dutch playbook.

Using inflated numbers, criminally shortsighted political capital, and a pervasive ignorance of technology, anti-trafficking activists are hijacking an important issue and turning it into a moral battleground, and real women with real lives and their own voices are paying the price. That’s why we were so grateful to super-smart sex worker’s rights advocate Audacia Ray for taking the time to help us understand the hysteria around the Craigslist sex-trafficking headlines. We were also joined this week by Reid Mihalko who, much to Emma’s delight, got the time to geek out over the relationship between comic book superheroes and men’s emotional health.

On a different note, I want to take a moment to highlight a simple new feature on this site, where many sexuality-related terms are linked to a definition. If you write about sex at a WordPress-powered website, consider installing the WP Simple Sex-Positive Glossary plugin (written by yours truly) to help raise awareness of the awesome glossaries at sites like Sexuality.About.com and Scarleteen.com. It’s just one of my many small acts that I hope will help transform the world. And if you don’t run a website, help us transform the world with an iTunes review for Kink On Tap.

Think Progress » Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate candidate wants to outlaw homosexuality and pornography.

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Cue the space music (no, srsly, there's space music), because Republican Senate candidate Ernest J. Pagels Jr. from Wisconsin is "vying for the opportunity to run against Sen. Russ Feingold (D) this September." His campaign's premise: "if elected I will initiate a bill to outlaw homosexuality, abortion, and all forms of pornography. I think these are three ills that are plaguing our nation and bringing it down." (Emphasis ours.)

Although he's in Wisconsin, Mr. Pagels's platform parrots the official Texas GOP 2010 platform, itself eerily similar to Uganda's unabashed anti-gay human rights violations. But don't worry, Pagels' 1-minute TV ad scrolled a Bible verse along with the space music, so we'll be fine. (Right?) Gotta give the haters props for staying on message….

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Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed › EdenFantasys’s unethical technology is a self-referential black hole

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The websites of Internet sex toy retailer Web Merchants, Inc., which bills itself as the “sex shop you can trust” under the name EdenFantasys, interferes with their contributors’ content, intercepts outgoing links and alters syndicated content so that links in the original work are directed to themselves. This makes EdenFantasys’ website a self-referential black hole, providing no reciprocity for contributors, nor for any website ostensibly “linked” to from article content. These techniques are widely regarded as unethical and are arguably in violation of major search engines’ policies. Authors of sites with which EdenFantasys and their publications, such as SexIs Magazine, have “an ongoing relationship,” like AlterNet.org, other large news hubs, and individual bloggers’ blogs are upset that community members who asked questions on the EdenFantasys forums have been censored or banned.

Kink On Tap will endeavor to no longer cite or link to Web Merchants, Inc. content in the future.

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Kink On Tap 35: School of Hard Knocks

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17 seniors get paddled by High School disciplinarians in Alabama, which sounds like something RNC Chairman Michael Steele would pay to see! Also, TV networks won’t let tampon commercials use the word “vagina” or even its euphemisms, Anna Paquin comes out as bisexual in a new LGBT awareness campaign, a Long Island man gets arrested on the highway for watching porn in the rear seat of a vehicle, Connecticut legislators propose an ambiguous bill that would lessen teen “sexting” charges, and 18 senators (17 Democrats and 1 Independent) challenge the FDA’s ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men.

In this week’s episode, Emma and I got the incredible opportunity to speak with esteemed adult sex educator Dr. Charlie Glickman, who has over two decades of experience working with people in their 20’s and older about issues relating to sexuality, as well as Margot Weiss, Assistant Professor of American Studies and Anthropology at Wesleyan University. Margot Weiss is the author of Techniques of Pleasure: Subjectivity and the Socioeconomics of BDSM, which is an ethnographically-researched book exploring the intersections between consumer capitalism, neoliberal rationalities, and racialized, gendered and classed social hierarchies in contemporary sexuality subcultures. We have just one word for this intellisexually gratifying conversation: wow!

Also, although I apologize for the delay in publishing this episode, I do hope you’ll still tell us what you think about this episode and Kink On Tap in general by writing a brief review of the show on iTunes, or at least giving us a star rating if you haven’t yet done so. This feedback is one way you can help us improve the show even more. Don’t forget that you can see and suggest guests you’d like to hear us speak with, send in questions for past guests, and even share links with us as well as other listeners using the community links feed.

Also, don’t forget that if you’d like to join us this week, we’re planning to record on Saturday evening one hour later than usual due to travel considerations, not our regular time on Sunday.

Kink On Tap 32: SHEEC Sex

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A desperate pregnant teen pays $150 to be beaten until she miscarries, “Vajazzling” is the latest in chic genital jewelry, a new roll-on perfume made from female urine, sweat, and “arousal” goes on sale, New South Wales officially registers the first sexless person, a Mississippi school cancels senior prom rather than let lesbian students attend, and Washington D.C. plans to fight increasing HIV/AIDS rates in women by giving away free female condoms.

All this week at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island is Sex Week 2010, a week-long extravaganza specifically devoted to sexual health, education, and pleasure sponsored by the University’s Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council. We were joined by none other than Aida Manduley, SHEEC’s Chair and “cutest robot ever,” to tell us all about it.

Also happening in short order is KinkForAll San Francisco, which has gotten written up on Good Vibes Magazine and Examiner.com who said it’s sure to be an interesting event. Since we won’t have time to head home after the unconference to do next weekend’s show, we’re also going to be doing a live, on-location shoot at the Women’s Building, so we’re inviting you to join us for the unconference and our recording!

Last but certainly not least, we finally hired a dedicated audio editor to help post-process shows so maymay can get some sleep. Be sure to let us know how you think we’re doing by giving us a 1-click rating on iTunes! Thanks!

Kink On Tap 28: A Seminal Moment

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Christening the just-opened Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket, RI with a small bottle of champaign, this week we celebrate two auspicious events: Megan Andelloux’s success opening the CSPH, and the resounding success of KinkForAll Providence! And, in a Kink On Tap first, we broadcasted on-location with “Oh” Megan herself, and Aida Manduley, Chair of the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council at Brown University, and co-unorganizer of KinkForAll Providence along with Emma.

Also this week, CBS advertises its own hypocrisy by airing one-sided partisan ads during the Superbowl, Admiral Mullen knows DADT makes men like Senator McCain into mice, Paul Scott thinks discriminating against transgendered people is good for Michigan, the DoD wises up about its female officers’ reproductive rights, and Hallmark tries to buffer rough economic times by sexing up its line of children’s toys.

On a meta note, we had a little bit of trouble with the recording this time because, as you’ll hear, a very loud heater in the ceiling of the CSPH switched on and off during the show. Maymay did his best to remove all the noise that caused, but, being amateurs, we couldn’t get the best audio possible. We hope it still sounds good enough. We had a great time and hope you’ll enjoy listening in, too!

Kink On Tap 26: Looking for Dirty Words

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United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks up for Internet freedom, a pleasant surprise considering that a California School District banned dictionaries for containing a reference to ‘oral sex’. Meanwhile, Chinese exporters continue to flood US store shelves with dangerous counterfeit condoms, OKCupid busts 4 myths of Internet dating profile pictures, psychiatrists want the DSM V to label you—yes, even you—mentally ill for your sexual tastes, and bigoted, so-called “men’s rights activists” (MRA) groups call Haiti womens’ relief efforts sexist. Let’s stop calling these people “men’s rights activists” and start calling them what they are: anti-equality activists.

This week, we had the immense pleasure of being joined by the always-thoughtful Viviane, head honcho of Viviane’s Sex Carnival for the third time, as well as the inimitable interviewer and fellow sexuality podcaster Unspeakable Axe, host of the awesome Masocast! If you don’t yet know about it, the Masocast shows up right next to Kink On Tap in iTunes for some searches and features personal interviews with some of New York City’s most colorful characters from its BDSM Scene. In fact, I was on one of the show’s early episodes talking about KinkForAll.

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