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Kink On Tap in 1 Minute or Less

Tired of the pulp eroticization of sexuality? Annoyed by the self-aggrandizement of sex bloggers? Want a more thoughtful, smarter approach to sexuality, society, culture, feminism, and queer activism? These are the droids you’re looking for.

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Praise for Kink On Tap

Some nice things people have said about us:

“helped me come to terms with some of the things I personally want/need”

[Kink On Tap is] this podcast on, well duh, sexual kinks. But what could (and would if done by most people) become a horribly graphic and awkward podcast turns into a very interesting, amusing and helpful discussion of politics, social norms, and sexuality. [… E]veryone should check them out because […] they’ve helped me come to terms with some of the things I personally want/need, which is always a good thing.

—Ash Bear

“great source of information on current sexual issues”

This podcast is a great source of information on current sexual issues. The host and co-host work very well to give different points of view on a topic, as well as tell personal experiences that help drive the point home.

They bring interesting guests on board to talk about their little slice of life that run the gambit of sex, fetishes, BDSM, etc., and they will show articles in the news dealing with those slices of life.

—Gnosisseeker (from an iTunes review)

“manages to deal with very, very complicated issues…in an entertaining way”

I really wish I could give them some sort of award for how awesome Kink On Tap is. This podcast manages to deal with very, very complicated issues of sexuality, oppression, intersectionality, and kink with ease and in an entertaining way. Issues are talked about in very deep yet easy to understand ways and there’s always at least one quotable moment in every show. Every show is like a sexuality conference.

So. Awesome.

—earthquakepixie (from an iTunes review)

“an incredibly complete information package”

As someone who has been on the show, I can definitely say it’s an overall pleasure.

If you want to stay up to date with recent sexuality news, they get discussed here, and they’re discussed in a fun, accessible way.

It’s a highly interactive and participatory environment, so viewers can have their voice heard (which isn’t the case in many, if not most, podcasts). The chatroom + wiki + Twitter/links-feed(s) + videostream + podcast is an incredibly complete information package.

—pledgemistress (from an iTunes review)

“resonated so strongly”

I just finished listening to your Kink On Tap broadcast with Rabbit, even though I should really be studying. I am a medical student, and as a future physician, the information shared on your broadcast really gave me the kick-in-the-ass I needed. It’s so easy to loose touch with reality, and with self, when desperately trying to fight your way into this profession.

I used to have dreams of someday being a doctor to whom people could go and openly seek help with the things that other docs shy away from (transgender issues, safe sex, protecting your kidneys during long flogging sessions…you know…all the basics of a healthy sex life.) I am ashamed to say that I had forgotten all about that. I had to outwardly conform and in doing so had lost touch with my ideals and even my own sexuality.

I need to re-educate myself. Listening to that broadcast resonated so strongly with what I had originally set out to do, that I actually began to cry over my lost self. Bet you had no idea it was so powerful! […] I have a great deal of respect for your bravery.

—Tilly (from an email)

“fun and enlightening”

I am a first time listener to your podcasts and I want to let you know that I found them fun and enlightening. It is nice to hear about our kinks in such a lighthearted and free manner–and–in good taste. I throughly enjoyed the casts and hope you do more! […Y]ou gave me some insight […] I hadn’t considered. Well done!
—Jim (from an email)

“fabulous podcasts”

I’ve been listening to your Kink on Tap podcasts and loving them. You […] need […] to create more fabulous podcasts!
—Sue (from an email)

“interesting for someone who’s kind of new”

It’s always great […] and very interesting for someone who’s kind of new and hasn’t given too much specific thought to the whole thing.
—Jack (from an email)

“great, smart conversation”

I sat in and chatted during tonight’s Kink On Tap. It was my first time, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. […T]onight kind of felt like my first time in a chat room, but with great, smart conversation as a guide.
—Laken (from an email)

“an example of the new make your own media”

Love your show, been listening for a while now, and you are what Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and Howard Kurtz cite as an example of the new make your own media. I applaud you on what you guys are doing, it takes alot of work, patience, and dedication. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.


There are so many faucets of misinformation that it seems the only way to counter such hysteria is build a spout of your own for people to drink. I must say your water tastes mighty fine!

—Jay Morgan (from an email)

“they are not afraid of it”

I'[d] like to tell you the effect your podcast has had on my parents, believe it or not. ;-)


I have always considered myself having a fluid sexual identity, but a firm gender identity. […] I hadn’t seen my parents for a few years in person, because we live in different countries. When I finally spent some time with them, they confronted me with a whole heap of ignorant abuse, because of course they know what I’m up to, word gets back. They were screaming, I was frustrated with their behaviour and ignorance, it was all pretty bad. When I told them they had the wrong end of the stick, and in some cases didn’t even know where the stick was, my father replied “so how can you make me understand!” Unfortunately at that point, I had to go out for a few hours for work. I threw my iPod on the coffee table, said “listen to Kink On Tap!” and left in a rage.

When I came home 5 hours later, they both greeted me, crying. They had listened to your podcast and were extremely apologetic. We continued to have a very good conversation through the night. We talked about pretty much everything, and even though they might not understand or agree with everything I do, at least they are not afraid of it.

Many conversations are sure to follow, but you’ve helped start us off. Thank you very much.

—Gryphon (from an email)

“talking about things without…a fetishized space”

I got sooo much information that I’m already applying to my perception of gender in the real world. And just a lot more understanding of how people who incorporate BDSM into their lives arent’ mentally ill, which is often the only way that they are identified in certain parts of the world. And there was some great stuff on sex work and ethical pornography[…].

The problem with the world of all this ‘kink’ and sexuality stuff is that there is absolutely nowhere else where things get spoken about on such a level playing field…so many disparate topics with no one afraid to just ask ‘I don’t understand, can you please explain?’ The BDSM community can be just as judgmental and exclusive as any other, and Kink on Tap often had people with very disparate opinions asking each other why they thought that way […. I]t isn’t a podcast that fits an agenda, as all the other podcasts and blogs out there pretty much do. They’re set to a very small audience and often are full of advertising for products I really don’t want to endorse in any way (pornography I object to, sex toy manufacturers with debatable ethics). When I found Kink on Tap I was elated to find people talking about things that interested me without making me feel like I had to already know everything, or made it a fetishised space, incompatible with ‘normal’ ways of thinking.


“opened my eyes [and] enabled us to discuss all things sexual in a more open and useful manner”

I felt I needed to get in touch with you to let you know how much Kink On Tap has opened my eyes about a bunch of different things. I’ve always considered myself relatively open-minded, but it wasn’t until listening to your podcasts that I realised how much I might have inadvertently offended or insulted people out of sheer ignorance about how people would want to be treated.

I’m talking more specifically about trans-gendered people here, but I don’t know if I can fully communicate just how much more appreciation I have for all things LGBT I now have a better understanding of due to kink on tap.

I am myself a privileged, straight, tertiary educated white male who never realised just how much I was taking for granted. On top of that I am partnered with a person who tends to define herself as bi-sexual with distinct submissive tendencies. It is amazing to me just how much listening to your podcasts has enabled us to discuss all things sexual in a more open an useful manner and explore such things in a more honest and productive way.

I felt the need to contact you to let you know that through your podcast you have enabled me and my partner to expand our vocabulary to more effectively talk about these things, as well as make me feel more personally comfortable with exploring the ‘dominator’ aspect of my sexual relationship, something with which I may not have been entirely comfortable exploring had I not listened to your podcast.

Thank you so much for making the Kink On Tap podcast, your words have quite literally enriched my life and I just wanted to make sure you knew that you were having such a big impact on the lives of other people, even if they are across the other side of the world from where you are.

Thank you so much for making the sacrifices I’m sure you have to to share your views on all the topics you discuss.

While I hesitate to sign off this way since I self-described myself as straight, it really does seem the most appropriate way.

—“J” (from an email)

“intelligent, friendly, and willing to interrogate every aspect of sexuality”

[L]istening to your cast has made me feel like there are at the very least people who are intelligent, friendly and willing to interrogate every aspect of sexuality, gender and kink without making anyone feel alienated. That was the thing I was so scared of when I started investigating (what I now understand to be) sex positive websites and podcasts…and I don’t think anyone who listens to enough of Kink On Tap can say that they feel alienated, beacuse you always are willing to talk back and forth with mutual respect. What you guys do (to my mind) is broadcast discussion. Instantly I could see myself sitting and having a coffee with you guys, and not only learning new things all the time, but having things to bring to the discussion that you might find interesting. Just doing that thing you do makes me feel welcome in the world, that […] there are people who would want to talk to and maybe be around me.


You guys have let me know that this obsessive need to explore sexuality/gender/kink issues in my spare time might actually have value in a social space…and truth be told I didn’t realise the personal value of exploring these things, I still devalued them as late teenage ‘obsession’ with sex, or something.


I’ve felt like I’ve had no place in LGBT spaces because I have cis-gender priviledge, I have hetero priviledge in my current relationship, and I’m conventionally attractive. Listening to you and reading a lot of the stuff you link to has helped me accept that I’m allowed to want to enjoy things too, and it doesn’t mean that it’s simple for me because I’m cis-female with a cis-man.

Anyway! Long story short I love the work you do, each of the people that are behind this cast.

—Katrina (from an email)

More Kink On Tap

Kink On Tap is more than just a netcast about sexuality; it’s also a community of people for whom intelligent conversations about sexuality and how sexuality relates to other aspects of their lives is a motivating force for Doing Good.

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