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Playboy censors iPad app to pass Apple’s morality test – Telegraph

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Nipples. That's what's "obscene" and, according to Apple, needs to be censored in the App Store. To secure a spot in the App Store, Playboy Magazine agreed to self-censor the digital version of their magazine on the iPad, Matthew Moore reports. "The Playmate of the Month, one of the magazine’s most popular photo features, will only appear on the iPad as a tasteful headshot," he writes. In addition to Playboy, Apple has also not allowed a dictionary containing swear words or an application allowing users to replace the face of Jesus with a photo of themselves to exist in the App Store unchanged, all according to Steve Jobs' self-appointed role to define "moral responsibility" for his customers.

Gee, it almost sounds like the next step is restricting iPhone users from taking pictures of their non-orthodox weddings. Of course, anyone with an iPad can visit Playboy's website where uncensored pictures are still shown, nipples included.

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End of gay teen Web site sparks privacy concerns | Privacy Inc. – CNET News

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User profiles from the now-defunct XY magazine, which catered to gay teens, are at the center of a serious privacy controversy. Declan McCullagh reports, "In February 2010, XY founding editor Peter Ian Cummings filed a personal bankruptcy petition in federal court[…]. The only significant asset Cummings listed is the 'customer list, personal data, and editorial and back issue files of XY Mag and XY.com.' Cummings says he believes that giving the information to his creditors violates California privacy law and the FTC Act, which prohibits deceptive business practices."

Nevertheless, creditors want this information collected, potentially violating the privacy of up to 1 million gay or questioning teens who subscribed to XY.com. Revealing their information could out them to parents or others. While the question of what to do with a bankrupt Internet company is not new, this is the first time data as sensitive as identifiable details of GLBTQ youth is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

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Governor signs 6 bills with no fanfare | Community News | News | Liberty Tribune

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Remember Missouri Senate Bill SB586? Unsurprisingly, it passed, and it's sure to cause upheaval in the state's sexually-oriented economy. According to the Liberty Tribune, "Gov. Jay Nixon signed [the bill] into law Friday, June 25. […] This legislation is intended to prevent deleterious secondary effects arising from sexually oriented businesses. The bill places a number of restrictions on such businesses, including a ban on establishing sexually oriented businesses near schools, day-care centers, churches, homes or other sexually oriented businesses."

It's that last restriction that sent the industry into a frenzy because it means that the overwhelming majority of established businesses will have to move or risk being in violation of the law due to sharing close quarters. But wait, there's more: "Other restrictions include…prohibition of knowingly appearing nude at such businesses." Wait, how do you unknowingly appear nude there?

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Islamic Websites Offer Halal Adult Sex Aids | Green Prophet

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It's not a sex shop, insists Abdelaziz Aouragh, the 29-year-old founder of El Asira, an Internet retailer "catering to the Islamic consumer whose passions can be enhanced without violating religious law." But it's still a "major success," Aouragh told the LA Times. Other religiously-themed sex retailers make similar assertions. "It’s not a sex shop in the Western sense but a place to help married couples, and only married couples, enjoy sex to the full," Khadija Ahmed, the 32-year-old businesswoman and founder of Dar Khadija in Bahrain says. Her shop "includes edible underwear and kinky lingerie," Tinamarie Bernard reports.

Over at Examiner.com, Tinamarie says, "Unfortunately, these attitudes are incompatible with sex-positivity." Really?

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Rolling Back the Discrimination | News Features | Advocate.com

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Despite Walmart's policy forbidding anti-gay discrimination, 18 year old Fernando Gallardo alleges a Las Vegas location's supervisor forced him to wear "a yellow vest no one else had to wear, much like Jews had to wear a yellow star of David in Hitler's Germany." After filing a complaint with Walmart HR to no avail, he's now taking on America's largest retailer with a Nevada Equal Rights Commission complaint. At Advocate.com, Michelle Garcia says "if his claims are found to be true, Gallardo could be entitled to monetary compensation amounting to $114,000 and a position at another Walmart store."

Walmart corporate spokesman Phil Keene explained the yellow vest as "a rotation through the position of 'May I Help You' associate," in which "associates in this role wear a vest so customers can identify them and ask for help in finding products that may have been temporarily moved to a new spot." Gallardo alleges he was "completely ignored and shunned" during his 2 months as an employee.

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Boulder condom company Sir Richard’s looks to help other countries – Boulder Daily Camera

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Boulder-based vegan condom company Sir Richard's plans to donate 1 condom to help prevent STIs in developing nations for every condom they sell in the US. Local reporter Brittany Sovine says, "Their new condoms will be marketed toward women, college students and the gay community by using a 'very disruptive' product design, according to co-founder Mathew Gerson. […] Made in Malaysia, they will be produced without casein, a dairy byproduct that is conventionally used in the manufacturing process."

Sir Richard's says they're aiming for 2% of the condom market share, currently dominated by Trojan with over 70%, and "plans to sell the condoms nationwide at eco-friendly grocery stores and retail locations that target a socially progressive customer" come this October. Moreover, a Student Ambassador program partnering with university health departments has been launched by the company at Stanford, with the University of Colorado joining this fall, to raise awareness of safer sex on campuses.

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Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed › EdenFantasys’s unethical technology is a self-referential black hole

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The websites of Internet sex toy retailer Web Merchants, Inc., which bills itself as the “sex shop you can trust” under the name EdenFantasys, interferes with their contributors’ content, intercepts outgoing links and alters syndicated content so that links in the original work are directed to themselves. This makes EdenFantasys’ website a self-referential black hole, providing no reciprocity for contributors, nor for any website ostensibly “linked” to from article content. These techniques are widely regarded as unethical and are arguably in violation of major search engines’ policies. Authors of sites with which EdenFantasys and their publications, such as SexIs Magazine, have “an ongoing relationship,” like AlterNet.org, other large news hubs, and individual bloggers’ blogs are upset that community members who asked questions on the EdenFantasys forums have been censored or banned.

Kink On Tap will endeavor to no longer cite or link to Web Merchants, Inc. content in the future.

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