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CSULB students protest censorship of lesbian terminology – Daily 49er – News

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What do you do if you're a college theater group whose hard work on an upcoming play gets silenced by the administration's refusal to let you advertise it? You find out exactly what the administrators had a problem with and then you shove it in their faces as loud as you can. At least, that's what about 24 students at California State University at Long Beach did the other day. Their play, "The Night of the Tribades, is about playwright August Strindberg's relationship with women," Stephanie Rivera writes. And despite the production being part of the graduate acting program, administrators refused to advertise it on a marquee because "tribade" is an archaic greek term for "lesbian," and when ignorant administrators punched tribade into Google, they got a bunch of references to "tribadism," the lesbian sex act more commonly known as scissoring.

So the protest very appropriately consisted of a flash mob of (clothed) scissoring grad students. So you see, the cover up always hurts more.

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Sexuality Study: Why Every Amanda and Erica Is Friskier Than A Claire or Kate – TIME NewsFeed

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From the "it's just dumb enough to share" department, the French paper 20minutes reports that "women whose names end with the letter 'a' reported having more than the average 4.4 sexual partners most women had during their lifetime." Their source is a French dating website called Smartdate, whose survey of its user base revealed that names like Laura, Tania, and Lola were given to the women with the most sexual partners.

It sounds to me like Smartdate is trying to be something of an OkCupid, whose OkTrends blog is actually interesting because they talk about rape fantasies, sexuality and aging, and a lot more. That said, this is a story I'd like to see headed towards debunktion junction.

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Anti-Choice Trolling Fail | Blog of the Moderate Left

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Pete and Alisha Arnold made an online poll prank where, they say, "You can vote and choose whether we abort or keep our unborn child. For the first time, your vote on the topic of abortion can make a difference." And that tagline is what gives it away. As Jeff Fecke says, "Anyone who’s truly pro-choice would understand why putting a woman's right to choose up for a vote is wrong." A little digging shows Pete and Alisha are anti-choicers whose web acts are easily traced to vandalizing wikis and supporting Glenn Beck.

So why this prank? "It’s not surprising," Jeff writes, "Being anti-choice means that you want to decide for others what they must do when faced with the decision to have a child. It’s only natural for them to assume that pro-choicers must want to force women to have abortions against their will. After all, to an anti-choicer, 'against their will' is how women should do pretty much everything; it’s just a question of who’s making the decisions for them."

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Company Accused of Firing Over Facebook Post – NYTimes.com

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Finally, an authoritative body realizes that the internet is used for something more than work. While this is only a small in the fight to ensure the free speech of those use the internet, it could mean the large changes for those that talk about taboo subjects, like sexuality and gender variance, online.

PS. How sad does it make me to say that sexuality and gender variance are taboo issues.

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Canadian Polyamory Court Case Rundown | Polyamory in the News

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The Polyamory in the News blog assembles a whole host of links on the first-ever north american court case to test polyamory rights. The case is in British Columbia and is a challenge to Canada's century-old anti-polygamy law. Polyamorous people are concerned because the law is written so broadly that it can apply to many poly relationships, either people who hold themselves out as married (handfasted, etc) to multiple people or groups of three or more who cohabit. The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association has been formed in order to argue the case on behalf of polyamorous people. They have already filed an affidavit and are seeking to fly in poly witnesses from around the country—and they need donations to do so. The blog post also includes the breaking news that the Canadian and B.C. attorney generals have now confirmed that polyamorous people are subject to the law, along with links to current and past media treatment of the case.

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New Report Shows Trans* People Experience Huge Gaps in Health Care Access

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Recently, a report was released detailing some of the issues that arise when trans people enter the health care arena. Cara over at feministe does a great job summarizing the information:

Reliable statistics on trans* people are notoriously difficult to come by, and among those that exist, many are outdated and/or derived from very small sample sizes. This U.S. survey included over 6,400 trans women, trans men, and people imperfectly grouped together as “gender non-conforming,” from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. That makes it really big news, and a really important resource for information.

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TransGriot: Don’t Forget About Our Trans Kids, Vanilla GL Community

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In another excellent post by Monica Roberts of TransGriot, the erasure of the Transgender storyline in the recent LGBT+ suicide coverage is examined. Or as Monica puts it,

Now that bullying and GLBT teen suicides are in the news, one of the things that has mildly irritated some quarters of the trans community is how trans people have been erased from the discussion.

While one kid taking their life due to suicide is horrific and one too many, it bothers many of us that transteen Chloe Lacey's story is frankly getting overwhelmed vis a vis the overwhelmingly white gay male narrative taking shape on this bullying issue.

She goes on to cite that as many as 50% of Transpeople self-report to have considered taking their own lives.

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Rape Culture at Yale Fraternity: “No means yes, yes means anal!”

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Lest you think that rape culture is confined to simply excellent institutions of higher education, Salon reports that Yale students pledging the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity were marched by women’s dorms chanting “no means yes, yes means anal.” Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory writes:

Now, DKE President Jordan Forney has been forced to apologize for this blatant sexual intimidation by calling it “a serious lapse in judgment by the fraternity and in very poor taste.” But this sort of hateful crap isn’t a “lapse in judgment.” It doesn’t innocently happen that you’re guiding male pledges by young women’s dorms in the dark of night chanting about anal rape. It isn’t a forehead-slapping slip-up, it’s a sign that you need major reprogramming as a human being.

Follow the rabbit hole for a video.

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