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Rev. to NJ church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook

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In a story that highlights the absurdity of religious ignorance about sex and relationships, the Rev. Cedric Miller is urging his congregation to delete their Facebook accounts because, he says, "the temptation" that the website offers to commit adultery "is just too great," AP writer Wayne Parry reports. "I've been in extended counseling with couples with marital problems because of Facebook for the last year and a half," Miller, whose previous preachings advised Church members to share their Facebook password with their spouse, said. Since apparently, "If your spouse won't give you his or her password, you've got a problem," according to Pat Dawson, a minister at the church.

No word yet on whether Miller will also urge deleting your email account, disconnecting your phone, or turning down invitations to high school reunions. Because, y'know, the temptation to fuck one of your exes is just too great, and so clearly the problem in your relationship is the technology you use to meet.

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Update: As it so often happens, you are what you repress the most. In Rev. Miller’s case, that means you have extramarital sexual relationships, on multiple occasions. In 2003, Miller testified in court to having group sex with his wife and a Church assistant, testimony he confirmed this Saturday. Yup, not surprised.
Update: AP reports today that Miller will take a leave of absence following a vote by the Church regarding his position as a senior pastor. Miller says it was a “vote of confidence” that apparently also included “some restrictions that he wouldn’t list.” Sounds like he’s not just a hypocrite, but a liar, too. It seems to me like he would fit right in with the Church he’s being temporarily expelled from.

Female orgasm ‘overwhelms’ | Perth Now

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In a news article that has amazingly managed to put the most obvious and the most awesome thing ever said about orgasms in a single sentence, the Australian Sunday Times reports professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey Barry Komisaruk and his colleagues produced the first film of women's brains as they approach and achieve climax. Okay, so what's both simultaneously obvious and awesome about that? Says the Times:

A woman not only experiences longer and deeper orgasms than a man, but they so overwhelm her nervous system that they leave her temporarily impervious to pain, the film shows.

That's right, orgasms may leave women temporarily impervious to pain. Impervious, as in "invincible", in the words of Newser's Evann Gastaldo. During climax, 30 parts of the brain are affected. And the duh part: men's orgasms, also studied, are "not as strong." Le sigh.

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Male, female or neither? Gender identity debated at same-sex colleges – CNN.com

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"[Same-sex] colleges are in a very unique position," said Susan Marine, assistant dean of student life at Harvard College in Massachusetts. "How do they preserve their identity when student identities are being called into question?" The identities Marine is talking about is the College's identity of a same-sex institution and the increasingly diverse gender identities expressed by its students. She interviewed college administrators who are worried alumni won't donate to the schools if students are allowed to change genders.

Many colleges' policies are vague. Some colleges enact policies—like strict dress codes—that try to limit students' gender expression. Others skirt the issue. "We admit women," said Patricia VandenBerg, communications director at Mount Holyoke College. "We graduate students. They develop as they develop." And develop they do; when Kevin Murphy entered as a freshman there "he was female," Stephanie Chen writes. "By the time he received his diploma, he was male."

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The Sexes: The Lavender Panthers – TIME

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Presented sans comment for wowness:

Formed by the Rev. Ray, a Pentecostal Evangelist and known homosexual who himself was once beaten severely outside his gay mission center, the Panthers patrol the streets nightly with chains, billy clubs, whistles and cans of red spray paint (a substitute for forbidden Mace). Their purpose, as the Rev. Ray candidly puts it, is to strike terror in the hearts of "all those young punks who have been beating up my faggots." […] The basic band numbers 21 homosexuals, including two lesbians who are reputedly the toughest hombres in the lot. Besides their goal of halting the attacks, the Lavender Panthers want to gainsay the popular notion that all homosexuals are "sissies, cowards and pansies" who will do nothing when attacked. All of the Panthers know judo, karate, Kung Fu or plain old alley fighting. For gays without defensive skills, the Panthers hold training sessions with instruction from a judo brown belt and a karate expert.

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Cox fires Andrew Shirvell, says he used state resources in attack on gay student | freep.com | Detroit Free Press

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"Andrew Shirvell, the assistant attorney general under fire for his attacks on a University of Michigan student, has been fired," Lori Higgins reports. You may remember Shirvell from appearances like Look Who's Stalking, in which he defends his belief that a gay student is "Satan's representative," and tried justifying his actions with logic only his mother could accept.

Attorney General Mike Cox initially declined to fire Shirvell, saying that Shirvell's first amendment right to express himself didn't constitute any firing offenses. But after Shirvell lied to investigators during a disciplinary hearing, Cox seems to have changed his mind. Among other violations, the investigation found that "Shirvell engaged in his campaign against [the student] on company time and posted attacks on Armstrong on the Internet while at work." Good riddance, Mr. Shirvell.

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Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers – ABC News

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"Some of the people who are most outraged turn out to be consumers of the very things they claimed to be outraged by," said Benjamin Edelman, whose new research shows that when it comes to online porn, conservatives consume more porn than liberals. Using "roughly two years of credit card data from 2006 to 2008 that included a purchase date and each customer's postal code," he trolled the data, controlling for differences in broadband Internet access and population, and found that despite stark differences in stated conservative and liberal values, online porn consumption differed very little between the highest and lowest consumers.

However, 8 of the top 10 highest porn consuming States gave their electoral votes to McCain in 2008, while 6 of the lowest gave theirs to Obama. Moreover, residents of 27 states banning gay marriage boasted 11% more porn subscribers than states that don't. Are we getting it yet? "If you're told you can't have this, then you want it more," Edelman says.

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Calif. judge blocks sex offender residency law

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"Jessica's Law" restricts registered sex offenders from residing within 2,000 feet of a public or private school, or a park where children gather. Sounds good in theory, but "despite lay belief, a sex offender parolee's residential proximity to a school or park where children regularly gather does not bear upon the parolee's likelihood to commit a sex offense against a child," Judge Peter Espinoza wrote, blocking the law's enforcement.

The law's controversial; researchers and law enforcement groups say "residency restrictions don't prevent sexual assaults and, in fact, are counterproductive," Josh Goodman reports. Espinoza's ruling cites one such report by LA Police Chief Charlie Beck, which said if parolees can't find stable housing, they're more difficult for law enforcement to monitor. However, Beck is now distancing himself from that conclusion.

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Mob set Naroda guesthouse on fire – India – DNA

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A sex worker from Kolkata has died and two other women were injured in India this week due to burns sustained after a mob of about 50 people set fire to the guesthouse they were in. The mob of vigilantes believed the guesthouse, which had been raided by local police twice before, to be engaged in presumably prostitution-related "illegal activities." Evidently, however, despite any concerns for the guesthouse's occupants, the vigilantes decided manhandling the people there, pelting the building with stones, and ultimately committing arson that lead to murder was more appropriate behavior.

It is a grizzly reminder of the violence sex workers face at the hands of so-called "rescuers." While some of the loudest anti-prostitution activists are women, their advocacy perpetuates whore stigma to the detriment of all women; they're frauds.

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Election 2010: Amendment 62 Defeated. People Still Have to Be Born in Colorado | RHRealityCheck.org

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A glimmer of good news for progressive voters this US election is the defeat of Colorado's Amendment 62, which "would have privileged the survival of a fertilized egg over a living, breathing woman" by "[outlawing] abortion at every stage of gestation, [outlawing] all forms of hormonal contraception, and [making] it difficult if not impossible for pregnant women to receive medical treatment if there was any chance of harming the pregnancy," Jodi Jacobson writes. Lobbied for by the cowardly group, Personhood Colorado, Amendment 62 lost by a huge margin of 72-28%.

However, like the anti-gay measures pushed in 2004, Amendment 62's presence may have helped get out the conservative vote; government forced-birth proponent Ken Buck is currently neck-and-neck with the pro-choice Democrat, Michael Bennet.

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Update: With 98% of the vote counted, Ken Buck is projected to have lost his race against Michael Bennet. Colorado’s women can breathe just a little bit easier for now.

Do You Have Anything to Declare? Yes. My Breasts. | The Stir

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Remember the ill-fated Australian law demanding travelers Down Under declare "pornography"? Its enforcement proved so confusing that not only has the customs card been rephrased to read "illegal pornography," officials have been telling travelers who ask for clarification to declare: "anything explicit."

So, fearing they'd break the law otherwise, that's exactly what one newlywed couple did, showing their nude beach honeymoon pics in front of everyone in the customs line. Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten said that the law encourages "an incredible breach of people's privacy. […] If the objective is to stop child pornography then this is not going to achieve this." Like DRM, this law only punishes the law-abiding.

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