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Kink On Tap 14: Geeks and the Fruits they Love

Posted: November 2nd, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 14: Geeks and the Fruits they Love

Students speak out against homophobia and in support of their straight teacher, hate crime legislation finally includes protections based on sexual orientation, Rhode Island thinks dumping fines on prostitutes somehow helps them, and people use Halloween to question gender norms because what people are really afraid about is their own genitals!

The Sex Geek, Andrea Zanin, and former Planned Parenthood Peer Educator and our close friend, Maureen Hanlon, joined us this week for a remarkably wide-reaching conversation about social and gender norms, political and cultural rationality (or the lack thereof), and some very personal experiences with previous partners, friends, and, yes, fruits.

Why do some sex workers dislike the idea of legalizing prostitution? What could possibly be wrong with hate crime legislation? Maureen and Andrea were both simply brilliant, fun conversationalists, and brought up some very intriguing points along the way.

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