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Kink On Tap 15: Troubled Waters of Rape Culture

Posted: November 10th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 15: Troubled Waters of Rape Culture

Newsflash! Psychologists posit that asexuality is a valid sexual orientation, Princeton decides enforcing rules for gender-segregated housing is as stupid as it sounds while Sydney University students brag about their pro-rape Facebook page and a female student gets gang raped at her high school dance. Evidently the media wants us to think that H1N1 is a bigger problem than rape culture. Also, Cory Doctorow wins our reasonable person of the week award1 for pointing out that teenagers can actually have consensual sex, y’know.

Sadly, our planned guests were both unable to join us this week. Thankfully, however, CampusProgress.org intern and contributing writer Emily Rutherford, as well as Adisson Lee, photo curator of Genderfork.com, joined Emma and I to talk about election results, commiserate on shopping woes, and help us through the troubled conversational waters of myriad rape stories in the news lately. Despite such sad news, including the repeal of marriage equality in Maine, with the help of their insightful commentary, we rededicate ourselves to banishing hate and finding joy.

  1. Not actually a real award. (Sorry.)

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