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Kink On Tap 22: It Exploded In My Face

Posted: December 30th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 22: It Exploded In My Face

Marketers at Dockers try to convince us that you’re not “wearing the pants” if you’re not wearing their brand, McCain voters turn out to be proponents of washing children’s mouths out with soap, yet another study by Captain Obvious fails to find a correlation between casual sex and overall emotional well-being, and 1 in 5 divorcing couples are blaming Facebook for their bad communication.

Unfortunately, this episode is coming out a day late because May’s laptop died suddenly 2 days before our scheduled broadcast. It took the entire weekend to replace and rebuild, not to mention way more money than a monthly budget could accommodate. Nevertheless, because we’re that committed to making this show happen, on this last episode of 2009 we took a short break from our respective family visits to talk about everything from the Spartan army to flaccid orgasms. (Yay, prostate!)

Also, exciting news: we’re on iTunes! If you’re not already subscribed, now you can just search for “kink” on the iTunes Store and we’ll show up in the company of some other fun podcasts. And if you enjoy the show, please consider writing an iTunes review to let us know what you think. Honest reviews really help us out, as do donations (to cover our unexpected equipment costs). We hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday, and that you have a happy New Year!

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