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Booted Boy Scout Testifies | News |

Posted: June 21st, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off on Booted Boy Scout Testifies | News |

For all the talk of the perils of "big government" and attempts to scale back federal control over local governments, religiously-backed groups like the Boy Scouts of America don't seem to think the same principles apply to them. After "Greg Lattera, the gay 25-year-old at the center of the Philadelphia Boy Scout trial" appeared on "television in 2003 and laud[ed] his chapter's antidiscrimination policy," the national Boy Scouts organization in Texas "pressured Philadelphia's Cradle of Liberty Council to expel him," which they did. That's when the municipality rescinded the group's $1-a-year lease on its "city-owned offices because the organization didn't comply with the city's antidiscrimination laws," Editors report.

Now the Boy Scouts are at trial against the city, trying to get their almost-free and definitely not-as-in-freedom lease back. "The trial will now decide whether Philadelphia has a right to rescind the lease."

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Update: The New York Times reported that “the jury found the city’s reason violated the scouts’ First Amendment rights,” and while the “judge said the city’s antidiscrimination policy was ‘principled’,” the ruling forces the city’s $1-per-year lease to be reinstated. It is certainly interesting that the First Amendment can be used to support both equality and discrimination.

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