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Kink On Tap 24: You’d Be Amazed What Can Fit

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Is V Magazine making a fashion mag faux-pas by ghettoizing fat models? Some people think so. Also, sex toy snake oil merchants want women to dye their labia, submissive men struggle against negative stereotypes, the mainstream media wakes up to not-all-that-new “frontiers” of polyamory, and gay marriage is set to become legal in Portugal, while hypocritical conservatives still fight against it in California.

This week, we were again joined by not one, but two of the minds behind Syzygy Magazine, friends of the show Brad Hanon and his photo-taking partner-in-crime Susan Beaver. Additionally, articulate erotic romance e-book author Anne Douglas joins us for the first time to talk about the debut of her latest book, His Intimate Submission, which we discovered is even sexier than it sounds! It was a fantastic conversation that we feel privileged to have been a part of.

We also want to mention a few upcoming events local to each of our coasts: in San Francisco tonight on Tuesday January 12th, maymay will be co-facilitating the January Deviants Online social media and Internet literacy discussion workshop at the Center for Sex and Culture hosted by Sarah Dopp, an inspirational fan of the show and founder of Genderfork.com. Also on the Left Coast, local rope artist and cycling enthusiast Fivestar is trying to raise at least $5,000 by riding in the AIDS/Lifecycle, a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to LA to support the San Francisco Aids Foundation and the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. Help Fivestar help others by sponsoring the ride, or buying one of these sexy bike bondage calendars!

And in Providence, Rhode Island, Emma is part of the team unorganizing the 5th in the rapidly growing series of KinkForAll unconferences, KinkForAll Providence! Hosted by Brown University on February 6th, the 100% free event is an ad-hoc gathering for anyone and everyone with something to contribute to discussions about the intersection of sexuality and the rest of life, or with a desire to learn more. Come to KinkForAll Providence and meet us, as well as a number of previous guests, and sign up to meet all the other participants face-to-face!

Phew! We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly amazed how much we could fit! ;)

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