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Kink On Tap 26: Looking for Dirty Words

Posted: January 26th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | 1 Comment »

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks up for Internet freedom, a pleasant surprise considering that a California School District banned dictionaries for containing a reference to ‘oral sex’. Meanwhile, Chinese exporters continue to flood US store shelves with dangerous counterfeit condoms, OKCupid busts 4 myths of Internet dating profile pictures, psychiatrists want the DSM V to label you—yes, even you—mentally ill for your sexual tastes, and bigoted, so-called “men’s rights activists” (MRA) groups call Haiti womens’ relief efforts sexist. Let’s stop calling these people “men’s rights activists” and start calling them what they are: anti-equality activists.

This week, we had the immense pleasure of being joined by the always-thoughtful Viviane, head honcho of Viviane’s Sex Carnival for the third time, as well as the inimitable interviewer and fellow sexuality podcaster Unspeakable Axe, host of the awesome Masocast! If you don’t yet know about it, the Masocast shows up right next to Kink On Tap in iTunes for some searches and features personal interviews with some of New York City’s most colorful characters from its BDSM Scene. In fact, I was on one of the show’s early episodes talking about KinkForAll.

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One Comment on “Kink On Tap 26: Looking for Dirty Words”

  1. 1 Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed › On Talking to Children and Adolescents about BDSM and Sex said at 12:59 pm on January 31st, 2010:

    […] after a parent complained that it contained a reference to the term ‘oral sex,’ as I discussed on last week’s Kink On Tap. The parent’s complaint, that a collegiate dictionary isn’t appropriate for elementary […]