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Kink On Tap 42: Sex 2.0

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The third annual Sex 2.0 conference is held in Seattle, Washington, with sessions ranging from “Media Whoring” to “Participatory Community Organizing,” both of which featured yours truly.

This week, Emma and I bring the Sex 2.0 conference to you with a special show featuring a collection of short interviews recorded live at the conference! Say hello to Sex 2.0 conference organizers Clea and Zephyr, as well as Allena Gabosch, Executive Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC), which was one of the primary organizing bodies. We spoke to our new friend Koe the Valkyrie, fellow podcasters Graydancer of the Ropecast and Cunning Minx of Poly Weekly, friends of the show David Phillips, Megan Andelloux of The CSPH, and many more sex-positive individuals about their experiences at the conference. Reid Mihalko, who we hope will join us next week for a full conversation, shares some of his tips for handling media attention, and I talk at length about the value of transparency and collaboration in doing Whatever It Is That You Do.

We had an absolute blast at Sex 2.0 this year, and would like to thank everyone who graced us with a brief interview, but especially the amazing folks at the CSPC. Not only were they a big part of making the conference possible, but they threw an awesome after party in which we encountered a vulva-shaped marzipan cake topping. (Really.) For more coverage of Sex 2.0, be certain to peruse the Twitter #Sex20 hashtag stream, and of course, please keep sending feedback for Kink On Tap via iTunes.

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