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Kink On Tap 43: 55 Minutes of Wankin’ (PENIS!)

Posted: June 2nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | 2 Comments »

Online sex toy retailer Web Merchants, Inc. brings Internet sin into the garden of EdenFantasys, Australia officially gets creepier as its customs officials search travelers for porn, researchers find water-based lubes may aid the transmission of STIs, and Microsoft says a sex education video game is too “sexual” for Xbox Live. Hey, Microsoft, the porno set called and they want their Xbox back.

In this week’s episode, Cuddle Party co-founder Reid Mihalko takes a break from MC’ing the Center for Sex and Culture‘s 10th annual Masturbate-A-Thon to talk with us and returning friend of the show, The Beautiful Kind.

As an aside, with all the anti-porn morality Apple’s been puking lately, last week I found out that iTunes automatically censored the word “vagina” in the title of a previous Kink On Tap episode. That’s why, this week, I’m shamelessly adding the word “penis” to our show title to see how iTunes reacts. Now, I do like Apple products, and I’ll continue to encourage y’all to review Kink On Tap on iTunes, but if you’re aware of alternate podcast directories that we’re not yet listed in, now’s an obvious time to let us know.

2 Comments on “Kink On Tap 43: 55 Minutes of Wankin’ (PENIS!)”

  1. 1 Ian said at 4:16 am on June 8th, 2010:

    Scribbled while I was making the edit:

    I actually know Zombie Cow Studios, they made a neat little adventure game called Ben There, Dan That which was pretty funny. The biggest difference between Privates and GTA3 is that Privates is an independent game, one that’s being made by a studio without any input from studio heads. What their vying for is release, not on shelves in boxes, but on the XBox Live Arcade or XBox Live Indie Games, XBLA being the more prestigious where XBLIG is almost completely unmoderated. If they’re looking for approval from Microsoft, I’d assume they’re shooting for XBLA, which means they’d be downloadable content. I’d assume that age-verification is harder for downloadable content than in stores, so something overtly sexual might be easier for young people to get hold of.

    More than likely, though, they prefer GTA3’s dirty, hyper-masculine, oft-violent *codified* sex to funny, informative, *overt* sex.

    (Oh, and Maymay, next time Jason Webley plays at The Gilman in Berkeley, be there. You’ll see what a respectful mosh pit looks like.)

  2. 2 Lovesickrobot said at 8:30 am on July 7th, 2010:

    Maymay says that EdenFantasys would benefit from their linking shenanigans with higher pagerank for their desired keywords. However, they probably wouldn’t. Relevant outbound links to related sites do not harm and might actually increase pagerank for related keywords. In addition to being huge jerks, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.