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Kink On Tap 58: Craig’s Un-list

Posted: September 14th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | 1 Comment »

Evil anti-trafficking organizations turn to scapegoating Craigslist for political gain, Google has a not-so-secret censorship list, DADT is unconstitutional (duh), sex workers want to know what police consider prostitution, and US evangelicals partner with Chinese officials for their failing abstinence agenda when they should be taking a page out of the Dutch playbook.

Using inflated numbers, criminally shortsighted political capital, and a pervasive ignorance of technology, anti-trafficking activists are hijacking an important issue and turning it into a moral battleground, and real women with real lives and their own voices are paying the price. That’s why we were so grateful to super-smart sex worker’s rights advocate Audacia Ray for taking the time to help us understand the hysteria around the Craigslist sex-trafficking headlines. We were also joined this week by Reid Mihalko who, much to Emma’s delight, got the time to geek out over the relationship between comic book superheroes and men’s emotional health.

On a different note, I want to take a moment to highlight a simple new feature on this site, where many sexuality-related terms are linked to a definition. If you write about sex at a WordPress-powered website, consider installing the WP Simple Sex-Positive Glossary plugin (written by yours truly) to help raise awareness of the awesome glossaries at sites like Sexuality.About.com and Scarleteen.com. It’s just one of my many small acts that I hope will help transform the world. And if you don’t run a website, help us transform the world with an iTunes review for Kink On Tap.

One Comment on “Kink On Tap 58: Craig’s Un-list”

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