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Kink On Tap 62: The CSPH 2nd Annual Conference: Talking About the Taboo

Posted: October 14th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 62: The CSPH 2nd Annual Conference: Talking About the Taboo

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health‘s 2nd Annual Conference was held in Pawtucket, Rhode Island last Sunday, October 10th. The conference, called Talking About the Taboo, brought together sexuality educators, activists, and community members for an expert panel that was open to the public.

When friend of the show Megan Andelloux invited Emma and I to The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and asked us to bring the conference to all of you Kink On Tap listeners, we jumped at the chance. (Well, technically, I bought a plane ticket.) The main feature of the conference was an expert panel featuring sexologists Dr. Logan Levkoff, Dr. Charlie Glickman, and Dr. Anita Hoffer, as well as media maker and activist Audacia Ray, KinkAcademy.com founder Princess Kali, and award-winning gender and sexuality writer Sinclair Sexsmith. The conference also offered members of the public an opportunity to explore The CSPH as well as many other educational, community, and commercial projects like Philadelphia-based Screw Smart, Brandeis University’s Student Sexuality Information Service, Crystal Delights Erotic Toys, and many more.

National conferences like this are a lot of work, so we want to give a special shout-out to Megan Andelloux, The CSPH’s hardworking director, its fabulous backbone of interns, and everyone who participated to make the day a success.

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