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The Scarlet "SW" For Sex Worker – The Rumpus.net

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In Professor-Dominatrix Scandal, U. of New Mexico Feels the Pain 1

Since 2007 the University of New Mexico has been embroiled in a controversy so tired it boggles the mind to see academics perpetuate it: slut-shaming. The controversy stems from anonymous "appalled parents" objecting to a cash-strapped tenured professor's choice to seek employment at a BDSM phone sex fantasy line. In the eyes of anons and a legion of people who only possess purported "facts" trotted out by the media, the professor, Lisa Chavez, "is now somehow permanently tainted," Amy Letter observes.

But in all of this few people gave Professor Chavez a chance to speak for herself. And if the appalling actions of anonymous cowards writing letters sounds familiar to you, it should.

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