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Kink On Tap 63: This is Africa!

Posted: October 22nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes | Comments Off on Kink On Tap 63: This is Africa!

The Libyan government seizes a URL shortener branded as sex-positive, an Ontario judge rules anti-prostitution laws are more harmful to prostitutes than the activities the law criminalized, the US Department of Justice appeals the courts to retain Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the sex-positive media venture CarnalNation closes its doors.

After far too long a wait, my good friend Clarisse Thorn finally joined Emma and I this week to discuss pretty much everything from porn to circumcision. Clarisse, who recently returned from a year-long stint in Sub-Saharan African working to help stem the spread of HIV/AIDS, provided a really nuanced look at the controversial topic of male circumcision, what’s wrong with The Anti-Porn Men Project (hint: a lot), and also shared some opinions about why men are so often demonized for being honest about their sexual needs. Also, with CarnalNation’s closure and the vb.ly link shortener seizure, we meander away from sexuality theory into sexuality media and the perils and opportunities of the new media landscape.

And speaking of the new media landscape, I’m really excited to be announcing that as Kink On Tap has grown from a podcast to a much more wide-reaching social media presence, I’m also looking for a few more kinky people into the whole new media thing to help me spread sex-positivity into more parts of the Internet. If you are or want to become a social media ninja, consider taking a look at the Kink On Tap Media Monitor volunteer opportunity we’ve put together. And in the mean time, please spread the good word about Kink On Tap with an iTunes review or an email to a friend. Thanks!

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