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Volunteer Opportunity: Kink On Tap Media Monitor

Posted: October 22nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Meta | Comments Off on Volunteer Opportunity: Kink On Tap Media Monitor

You may have noticed that over the past year, Kink On Tap went from only producing a podcast, to producing a podcast and gaining a Twitter following, and publishing news Briefs, and covering conferences. That’s because I’ve been exploring new ways to spread sex-positive media to the rest of the world, and getting a little help from my friends along the way. And now, I’m very pleased to announce that Kink On Tap is looking for a few more kinky people to join our little adventure in sex-positive new media as officially designated Kink On Tap Media Monitors!

What’s a Media Monitor, you ask? Good question! If Kink On Tap were a living, breathing organism (and I’m not saying it isn’t) its Media Monitors would be its heart-muscle.

Kink On Tap Media Monitors take the pulse of the mainstream and independent media landscape (newspapers and blogs), digest as much as they can, and share it with us and the world using a combination of social media tools. The twist is in that last bit: unlike a traditional media outlet, Media Monitors won’t be publishing for or even from, but rather for themselves and from a variety of social networks, including Twitter and Delicious.

A good Media Monitor is someone who is already paying attention to the type of things we talk about on the show, is dedicated to the cause of spreading accurate information about sexuality as it relates to politics, health, culture, technology, or other topics, and is skilled at writing full sentences with strict length limitations (like, say, 140 characters). It helps if you’re already familiar with social media or are eager to pick it up.

The 2 main requirements for Kink On Tap Media Monitors are:

  • Write no fewer than 4 and no more than 16 Kink On Tap Briefs per month for inclusion on the Kink On Tap website. (A Brief is an 80 to 200 word synopsis of an existing article; we’ve even got Brief writing guidelines.)
  • Post no fewer than 3 links in Twitter updates from your own Twitter account with the hashtag #KinkOnTap each week.

Doing this will probably take you anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a week, tops, and even less if you’re already reading sexuality blogs, news sites, or consuming other similar media. And don’t worry: I’ll tell you everything you need to know to do a great job. (Most of it’s even written down for your reference already.)

Here’s why I think you might enjoy volunteering:

  • You’ll hone your editorial skill.
  • You’ll become a social media ninja.
  • You’ll stay abreast of current events in sexuality.
  • You’ll be further promoting your work.

But most important of all, you’ll be helping to get important information to people in a way they wouldn’t necessarily get otherwise.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the full description of a Media Monitor on the Kink On Tap Wiki, and then submit a volunteer application. If it doesn’t, but you still want to volunteer, then drop me a line to let me know that, too.

Again, you can read more about the benefits of being a Kink On Tap Media Monitor on our wiki, and then submit a volunteer application. I’m looking forward to keeping the water cooler all hot-but-not-actually-bothered with you. :)

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