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The Kink On Tap Team

Kink On Tap is produced by a group of media-makers, writers, and activists who are sure to rock your world. We’re currently looking for additional volunteers. Wanna work with us?


These dedicated folks are the Kink On Tap movers and shakers.


Founder, co-host, principal editor, lead developer, and jack-of-too-many-trades

maymay has too many profiles already, so he thinks you should just read this one. :)

Ian Danskin

Ian Danskin headshotPost-production audio engineer

Ian studied Media Arts at California College of the Arts before transplanting to Providence, Rhode Island. There, he lives at AS220, a live/work space for practicing artists. He also makes films, writes, plays guitar, and is building a computer game. And, of course, edits Kink On Tap.

Past Team Members

Folks in this list are no longer part of the show, but they’re awesome in their own way. I think you should check ’em out:

  • Emma, co-host, volunteer coordinator

Volunteer opportunities!

We’re looking for a few kinky men, and women, and trans people, and anyone else who’s interested in working with us. If you like the show and want to join a growing collective of collaborators, the following opportunities are open to you:

Join our team!

    Hi, my name is . I'm super excited to be applying for a position as a with Kink On Tap! I think the work you guys do is , and I listen to Kink On Tap .

    The reason I think I'd be a great person to work with in this role is because .

    Here is a copy of my résumé as a PDF:

    You can reach me via email at or by phone at . To prove I'm human, I know this captcha code () is .

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.