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Kink On Tap Comment and Interaction Policy

This page is a draft. It is currently in revision by the Kink On Tap Editorial Staff and is not to be considered a final or influential policy. It is intended as a guide only. Arbitration and moderation of comments and other interaction related to any Kink On Tap website or media outlet is solely at the discretion of the Kink On Tap Editorial Staff. If you don’t like that, we encourage you to publish your own website.

Kink On Tap often deals with contentious and controversial subject matter, including sex, sex work, gender identity, homosexuality, feminism, queerness, kink, law, politics, censorship, and many other issues. As such, while many different views may be held, the expression of these views on this website must abide by the following guidelines. Failure to do so will result in moderation and two or more offenses may be grounds for a permanent ban on further contributions from the offending user.

Members of the Kink On Tap Editorial Staff are the sole arbiters of disputes and reserve the right to determine whether any action adheres to these guidelines on any and all Kink On Tap media outlets. If you don’t like that, we encourage you to publish your own website in your own style. :)

Be civil

Personal attacks or harassment of any kind is categorically disallowed.

No spam

Flooding (posting more than one or two comments or messages in quick succession), irrelevant additions, or duplicated material from other websites are all considered spam. If you have something to say, say it in one comment, not many. Further, when you comment, address the content of the original post or broadcast, or other commenters, directly. Finally, do not copy-and-paste material wholesale from other websites, even if it’s “yours.” Instead, provide a link back to the original source.