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We kink real hard on communication. So, naturally, that means we love feedback (especially the constructive kind). Do you have something to say? Let us know about it via the form below, via Twitter, via telephone, or via direct email. (If you’re contacting us about an open volunteer position, please use the volunteering application.)

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    I agree that by contacting Kink On Tap I waive all rights to what I've sent, that my message may be broadcast after being edited for clarity or length, and I assume no anonymity unless expressly requested.

    Consensual communication is hottest:


    Sending us an @-mention on Twitter by tweeting @KinkOnTap is a quick and easy way to reach us. If you’d like to contribute to the community links feed for upcoming topics, you can also simply send a tweet with a link in it and include the hashtag #KinkOnTap.


    You can also call us and leave a voicemail message. Say anything you like! Tell us a short story relevant to a topic we covered in a past show or share an opinion, and we might play your message on the show.


    If you prefer to reach us via direct mail, rather than using the contact form above, you can write to the following addresses:

    About Contacting Us

    When you contact us, please be aware that you are giving us permission to speak about, replay, publish, or otherwise broadcast your message on our show, web site, and other media outlets. We also reserve the right to edit your message for clarity and length. We will also assume that attributing your remarks to your name is acceptable. If you wish to remain anonymous, you need to unambiguously tell us this.