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Canadian Polyamory Court Case Rundown | Polyamory in the News

Posted: November 12th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , , , | 1 Comment »

The Polyamory in the News blog assembles a whole host of links on the first-ever north american court case to test polyamory rights. The case is in British Columbia and is a challenge to Canada's century-old anti-polygamy law. Polyamorous people are concerned because the law is written so broadly that it can apply to many poly relationships, either people who hold themselves out as married (handfasted, etc) to multiple people or groups of three or more who cohabit. The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association has been formed in order to argue the case on behalf of polyamorous people. They have already filed an affidavit and are seeking to fly in poly witnesses from around the country—and they need donations to do so. The blog post also includes the breaking news that the Canadian and B.C. attorney generals have now confirmed that polyamorous people are subject to the law, along with links to current and past media treatment of the case.

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Polyamory: The Next Sexual Revolution? – Newsweek

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Do you feel that? It's the wind of change, and it's blowing your way. Prop 8 is going-going-gone, and while its supporters don't tend to say much we agree with, we'll grant them that perhaps it does herald the arrival of a more accepting, open time for American relationships. Newsweek gives credence to this theory with this article about polyamory, which stresses the communication poly relationships rely so heavily upon, and says that having polyamorous parents isn't necessarily harmful to children, so long as they have a stable home. In fact, with extra, loving people around to help with homework and provide rides, having a poly family might not be such a bad thing! The article speaks with Allena Gabosch, director of Seattle's Center for Sex Positive Culture, and draws heavily on the life and experiences of Terisa Greenan, creator of "Family," an online video series that deals with both the joys and the complications of living polyamorously.

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