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Last Night’s TV – The Sex Education Show: Am I Normal? Channel 4; Imagine, BBC1 – Reviews, TV & Radio – The Independant

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Did you know that the BBC has a television show entitled "The Sex Education Show: Am I Normal?" Did you know that this show is now in it's fourth season? If you answered no to both these questions, you may be American. And stunned! Although some, like the writer of this article, aren't entirely sure that this show doesn't push it's everything-is-normal, i'm-ok-and-you're-ok message a little too far, it's still impressive that the show managed to get on air at all, let alone for four seasons! They show nude pictures to high school students! Well done, UK TV. Now to look into getting BBC America….

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Log Cabin Condoms Promote Offshore Drilling | News |

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In Minnesota, members of the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR), a GLBT advocacy group loyal to the American political right, "distributed condoms in wrappers emblazoned with the phrase 'Drill, baby, drill!'," Julie Bolcer reports. Spokesman Alan Shilepsky said his group "tries to present something unique every year at Pride," and that this was a "no brainer." The text on the wrappers added "…just don't spill" to the Republican slogan. LCR national spokesman Charles Moran said he wasn't aware of the local chapter's initiative. "[W]e leave it to each chapter to design and produce their own tchotchke," he said, "Sometimes they are a hit, sometimes not so much, but it gets people talking and having the conversation about what it means to be a conservative in the LGBT movement."

Although I don't understand how some gay people are loyal to a party that literally wants to criminalize their sex life, I do admire their willingness to inspire conversation.

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Why Condoms for Kindergartners Makes Sense – Newsweek

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A new Massachusetts school policy "left intentionally open-ended, allows any student who is considering sexual activity to request condoms from the school nurse. That student would first get counseling—including abstinence education," Kate Dailey writes. Predictably, the policy faced "scorn and derision" after it hit mainstream news thanks to "moral hand-wringing of well-meaning but uninformed parents and pundits," like Kris Mineu, president of the Mass. Family Institute, who called it a "theater of the absurd."

"Theoretically," Kate writes, "yes, a 6-year-old could walk in and request condoms. The chances of that happening, of course, are slim—but if a 6-year-old were asking about sex, wouldn't a little counseling from a medical professional be in order? […C]ondoms don't make kids have sex. Hormones make kids have sex. Peer pressure makes kids have sex." Outright denial isn't going to change the fact that "kids develop on different timelines, and kids date outside their age range."

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Shakesville | We Live in Modern Times

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The clever advertisers at French car manufacturer Renault have had a brilliant realization: If sex sells, perhaps safe, liberated, accepting sex will sell even better. They've created a series of short, funny ads, including a son pulling up to a club, recognizing one of the drag queens outside as his father and saying "Hey, Dad, can you get us in?" and a grandmother finding a strawberry flavored condom in her daughter's bag, saying "Sophie…I thought you didn't like strawberries" and then tucking the condom away in her own pocket. The ads, for their new car model the Twingo, end with the tagline "We live in modern times" – and as a modern person with a love of safe, gender variant sex, I've got to say I'm fairly sold!

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