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The Downfall of Alexa Di Carlo | Charlie Glickman

Posted: October 28th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on The Downfall of Alexa Di Carlo | Charlie Glickman

A man by the name of Thomas "Pat" Bohannan who worked a government job seems to have been orchestrating several elaborate online personas, first as the founder of an invite-only sex advice site for young people named "Caitlin," then as a sex worker named "Alexa Di Carlo," among others, since 2004. After being given the top spot on sex blogger Rori's "Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2010" list enough evidence of Bohannan's rouse was pieced together.

"I’m not surprised that things finally came tumbling down for Alexa. That level of notoriety often leads to the sort of scrutiny that filters the truth from the lies," Charlie Glickman writes about all this. Nevertheless, "no matter what the evidence, some people will refuse to believe it," and sure enough some (anonymous) writers don't.

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Official: Link Shortener Seized by Libyan Government | techyum ::

Posted: October 6th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , , , , , | 1 Comment »

Violet Blue's link shortening service,, was officially seized by the Libyan government recently for violation of Islamic Sharia law. "The photograph of me with my bare arms, holding a bottle, and the words 'sex-positive' were cited as obscene, offensive and illegal," Violet writes. She correctly states that "all .ly domains, and the businesses built on them internationally, should be on high alert."

This is yet another blatant attack on sexual freedom that undermines not only free speech but the fabric of the supposedly World Wide Web. However, it also highlights the well-known fragility of the Internet, and the social media landscape, with regards to sexuality. While I made use of, I've long had doubts about the usefulness of ghettoizing sexuality with specially-branded services. Rather than build easily censorable hubs, sex-positive activists should be using non-sexuality-specific services to spread information.

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Apple Hides Prop 8 Tweets from Lady Gaga Promo Page for Ping (Screenshots)

Posted: September 2nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on Apple Hides Prop 8 Tweets from Lady Gaga Promo Page for Ping (Screenshots)

Apple, Inc. recently launched a new social music service, Ping. Among the features it has is social media integration that lets you view celebrity Twitter streams. In the launch, "Apple's promotional image for the new feature conveniently omits a string of Tweets from Lady Gaga's timeline in which she protests anti-gay marriage legislation Proposition 8," writes Marshall Kirkpatrick after being tipped to the inconsistency by Kevin Marks (on Twitter).

"Apple, we see you," Violet Blue writes on her blog, chiding the company. GLBT sites like The Daily Storm called the service "homophobic" and say the omission is an act of censorship. Now, Apple's certainly not the most sex-positive company, but is this homophobic censorship? That seems harsh. Either way, the controversy clearly shows that Apple's anti-porn position is a slippery slope.

Read brief source… – Judge OKs Law Requiring Pornographers to Keep Age Records

Posted: July 29th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , | 2 Comments »

A challenge to amendments in federal law that requires anyone who posts sexual imagery to keep records of models, broadly known as "2257 record keeping requirements," was struck down by US District Judge Michael M. Baylson this week. The challenge was brought to court by The Free Speech Coalition and backed by the ACLU, the EFF, and the American Center for Law and Justice, who complained that millions of Americans who behave flirtatiously on social networking cites "could now be prosecuted for failing to keep extensive records of their own age and identity." The plaintiffs argued that "consenting adults have the right to engage in such sexually explicit expression…and the law would chill that speech," Shannon P. Duffy reports.

In defense of the statute, Judge Baylson "said the government has promised that it will not target such expression and must be taken at its word." The plaintiffs are not so confident the government should be so trusted.

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The First Thing Young Women Do in the Morning: Check Facebook [STUDY]

Posted: July 7th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Briefs | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off on The First Thing Young Women Do in the Morning: Check Facebook [STUDY]

In a sampling of 1,605 women aged 18-34, 79% of them are fine with kissing in photos, 42% think it’s okay to post photos of themselves intoxicated, and 50% of women believe that it’s just fine to date people they’ve met on Facebook, compared to 65% of men. All this and more according to a recent study released by Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research, Ben Parr reports for

Now, I raise my eyebrows at the fact that "49% of women believe it’s fine to keep tabs on a boyfriend by having access to his accounts (42% of men think the same way)." I'm not sure if that means 42% of men feel comfortable having tabs kept on them or if they're keeping tabs on their partners, but it does bring up an obvious question: why aren't more folks simply communicating more honestly? Reassuringly, however, 89% agree that "you should never put anything on Facebook that you don’t want your parents to see." So I guess many people don't mind their parents seeing them drinking. That's pretty chill.

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